Babybump Belly Casting

Baby-bump Belly Casting sessions take 30-45 minutes. Using medical graded plaster bandage soaked with water I place layers over your bump. For a full torso belly casts an undergarment can be worn as I fully cover this to protect from the plaster during casting. After a few minutes the cast starts to harden and is then carefully removed. The plaster bandage does not shrink when hardening so will not restrict your baby in anyway. The cast is taken away to allow  it  to fully dry,  this usually takes afew days. It is then strengthen, lightly sanded and painted before finishing it with ribbon to be hung in your home. Your  finished cast will be returned back to you usually 2-3 weeks after casting.
Alternatively if you want to have some fun you can purchase one of our belly casting kits and have a go at making your own.
Prices for our casting service are listed below, please contact us to arrange a booking or visit our shop to purchase a BabyBump Belly casting kit

Bump Only Belly Cast 


Full Torso Belly Cast


final shop blue


We use 1st grade medical plaster bandage which is safe to use against your skin but if you do suffer from any skin conditions or sensitivity we will send you a sample to perform a skin test before booking.