Hand, foot, paw & finger print Jewellery - Shop


Hand, foot, paw & finger prints imprinted into jewellery has become very popular. To ensure all items we make are of high quality each piece is kiln fired and from October 2016 each piece will now be made from 925 sterling silver instead of the 999 fine silver previously used. Being a postal service makes it very easy for you to order your personalised piece without needing to make an appoinment, simply purchase the style of jewellery you require from our online shop and then send us your prints using the impression kit we post to you. Taking prints is mess free and quick. For hand & foot prints simply wipe the hand/foot or your pets paw with the inkless wipe then press onto the special paper and watch your prints appear, no paint or ink needed. For finger prints simply press your finger into the special putty and this captures every little detail unique to you. All prints are then kept on file so if you wish to make future purchases or loose your item you have piece of mind that we can always make you another.